Examples of mixed branding

Explore mixed branding: the key to customer reach, brand loyalty, and market adaptation for business growth.

Take a look through examples of mixed branding with heartbeat

Mixed branding is a powerful strategy that allows businesses to cater to diverse markets while maintaining their brand identity. This article, drawing from heartbeat's rich portfolio, will guide you through the essentials of mixed branding with clarity and precision. Whether you're new to the concept or seeking to refine your approach, we'll provide you with actionable insights and real-world examples. Get ready to explore how mixed branding can elevate your brand's versatility and appeal.

What is a mixed brand?

Mixed branding is when a company uses various brand names to connect with different types of customers. This approach is especially useful when a brand's core identity doesn't quite match the audience it aims to attract. It's about tailoring your message to speak directly to each segment, ensuring relevance and resonance. Mixed branding allows businesses to expand their reach without compromising their original brand's integrity.

How mixed branding works with heartbeat's "Passion" project

heartbeat's work on "Passion," an educational platform designed for the creator economy, showcases the effectiveness of mixed branding in action. This project involved creating a distinct visual identity, UX/UI design, illustrations, and stationery, all tailored to resonate with the diverse facets of the creator's audience.

Mixed branding in visual identity & guidelines

For "Passion," developing a visual identity that appealed to a broad range of creators—each with their unique styles and preferences—was crucial. heartbeat used mixed branding by crafting guidelines that are flexible enough to adapt to various content types and creator needs, ensuring the platform's appeal across the vast spectrum of the creator economy.

UX/UI design & UI kit

The UX/UI design and UI kit were developed with mixed branding at the core, offering customizable elements that creators can adapt to their projects. This approach ensures that "Passion" is not just a one-size-fits-all solution but a versatile platform that supports the unique identity of each creator, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.


heartbeat's illustrations for "Passion" also reflect mixed branding principles. By incorporating a range of styles and themes, these illustrations cater to the diverse tastes within the creator economy, making the platform more inviting and inclusive.


Even the stationary designed for "Passion" plays into the mixed branding strategy. Tailored to reflect the dynamic and diverse nature of the creator economy, the stationary items reinforce the platform's brand identity while appealing to a broad audience.

Through "Passion," heartbeat demonstrates how mixed branding can be effectively applied to engage a diverse audience without losing a cohesive brand identity. This project illustrates the power of mixed branding in creating a versatile, inclusive brand that resonates with a wide array of users, driving engagement and loyalty in the competitive creator economy landscape. Explore more about our approach and success stories at heartbeat's work.

How businesses can implement these strategies

Adopting mixed branding like heartbeat's "Passion" project isn't just for the big players. Here's how your business can start integrating these strategies today:

Define Your audiences

Segment your market to understand the diverse needs of your audience. Tailor your branding to speak directly to each segment.

Customize your approach

Develop unique visual identities for different products or services, ensuring they align with the specific interests of your target segments while maintaining a cohesive brand essence.

Leverage technology

Use UX/UI design principles to create adaptable and user-friendly platforms. Consider tools and kits that allow for customization and personalization.

Be creative

Incorporate varied illustrative styles and themes to cater to diverse tastes within your audience, making your brand more approachable and engaging.

Stay consistent

While diversity is key, ensure all your branding efforts under the mixed branding umbrella maintain a level of consistency that reinforces your brand’s core identity.

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