Top 5 UI/UX agencies to work with in 2024

Explore mixed branding: the key to customer reach, brand loyalty, and market adaptation for business growth.

The need for UI/UX design is even more crucial in 2024. But finding the right UX agency can be tough.

Some companies prefer to have UI/UX done in-house, by hiring their own designers. However, specialized UX design firms are still very important. Especially for smaller, leaner businesses - that are not looking to outsource. We have a list of top UX design companies in the US and Europe.

Each one has a detailed description to help you choose. Our agency, heartbeat, provides expert UX design services for any type of business.

1. heartbeat: Story-driven brand identity & design

Creating a design that tells your brand's story

heartbeat design

At heartbeat, we specialize in story-driven brand identity and design, not just for SaaS products but also for pioneers shaping the future of the internet. Our approach is to fully understand your brand narrative and enhance it with appropriate aesthetics, a cohesive design system, and efficient design processes.

Our global footprint and expertise

heartbeat's reach is global, with significant impacts from San Mateo to Bengaluru, Toronto, London, and Atlanta. Our team has grown robustly, reflecting our expanding influence in the design world.

Work with heartbeat design agency

Ready to transform your brand's digital presence with heartbeat's expert design services? Let's talk about your project, or take a look at our latest work and learn about our process. Join us in creating design solutions that resonate with your audience and elevate your brand.

2. Ideo: reinventing design thinking


Founded in Palo Alto, California, in 1991, Ideo quickly emerged as a leader in UX design. Initially focused on industrial design, their journey to interaction design was marked by iconic projects like the Apple Mouse and Palm PDAs. Founder David Kelley's introduction of "design thinking" transformed design into a vital management tool, placing Ideo at the forefront of innovation. Despite criticisms for their focus on prototypes and high costs, Ideo's influence in design education and thought leadership cements their status as a top global UX agency.

Ideo's impact on design and innovation

Ideo's approach to prototypes and innovation projects has made them a beacon in UI/UX design. Known for assembling diverse teams to create groundbreaking concepts, Ideo has become synonymous with cutting-edge design and thought leadership in the tech world.

3. MetaLab: Canada's Interface Design Powerhouse

MetaLab's journey from a startup to a design leader

metalab design

MetaLab, starting as a web design startup in 2006 in Canada, has become an influential interface design firm. Today, with over 150 employees and part of the Tiny group, MetaLab stands as a testament to growth and innovation in design. Their service offerings span product design, software development, and UX/UI design, catering to high-profile clients like Slack and Coinbase.

MetaLab's global reach and expertise

With a commitment to preserving its unique culture and ethos, MetaLab's growth story is one of maintaining brand identity while expanding its impact globally. Their approach to remote work and employee well-being, combined with a portfolio of top-tier clients, highlights MetaLab's position as a leader in interface design.

Engage with MetaLab for design solutions

If your project demands top-notch interface design and innovative digital solutions, MetaLab is ready to collaborate. With their rich experience and diverse capabilities, MetaLab is equipped to elevate your digital presence to new heights.

4. Fantasy Co: crafting futuristic UI/UX visions

Fantasy: A synonym for high-end design

fantasy design

Since its inception in 1999, Fantasy Co. has been synonymous with pioneering UI/UX design. Known for their exquisite design and consulting services, they have established themselves as a leader in futuristic digital design, with offices in major cities across the US and London.

Fantasy's visionary approach to UI/UX

Fantasy's reputation is built on its ability to reimagine and reshape digital products. Their early "What if?" videos showcased their prowess in high-end graphic design, paving the way for their evolution into a comprehensive digital agency serving renowned clients like Porsche and USA Today.

5. Frog: pioneering design for over 50 years

Frog's legacy in industrial and digital design

frog desgn company

Frog, one of the oldest industrial design firms, celebrated its 50th anniversary as a trailblazer in the design world. Originally an industrial design and branding firm, Frog has adeptly navigated the shift to digital, expanding its expertise to embrace the evolving technology landscape. Offering a diverse range of services from furniture and hardware design to branding and website creation, Frog has established itself as a multidisciplinary design powerhouse.

Frog's global presence and multifaceted expertise

With a firm footing still in industrial design, Frog excels in projects that intertwine digital interfaces, hardware, and branding. Operating from 10 offices worldwide, Frog has positioned itself as a leading multinational design company, employing over 500 people. Their approach to "digital transformation" and "digital strategy" highlights their adaptability and foresight in the ever-changing world of design.

Engage with frog for comprehensive design solutions

For businesses seeking a design partner with a rich legacy and a broad spectrum of expertise, Frog presents an unmatched opportunity. Their comprehensive approach to design, covering both traditional and digital realms, makes them an ideal choice for projects demanding a seamless blend of various design elements.

There are 3 very important questions when it comes to identifying what agency is best for you.

What Makes the Best UX Design Agencies Stand Out?

The best UX design agencies create products that are easy and fun to use and help businesses grow. They’re known for innovative designs that make users happy and get real results. Their portfolios show how they’ve helped different companies succeed with great user experiences.

How Do Top UX Agencies Enhance User Experience?

Top UX agencies are crucial when it comes to designing something that actually works. Imagine cars with non-engineers? Their multifaceted approach ensures usability, and ease of use and ensures products ar intuitive. Creating interfaces that are visually appealing, intuitive, and user-friendly.

UX is achieved through:

  1. Ease of Use: They prioritize simplicity and intuitive navigation, ensuring that interfaces are user-friendly and straightforward.

  2. Engagement: Their designs are crafted to captivate users' attention and maintain their interest, fostering prolonged interaction.

  3. Personalization: Leveraging user feedback and data, they tailor experiences to meet individual preferences and needs, making interactions more relevant and satisfying.

  4. Consistency: They ensure a consistent design language across all platforms and touchpoints, creating a cohesive and seamless user experience.

  5. Accessibility: Top agencies incorporate accessibility best practices, ensuring their designs are usable by everyone, including individuals with disabilities.

  6. Innovation: They stay ahead of trends and incorporate the latest technologies and design principles to keep their work fresh and cutting-edge.

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