Heartbeat is a multidisciplinary team of pros working at the crossway of brand and digital. We fight against cliché and obscurity to help you get the look you want.

At the speed of light...

The world is changing each second. While reading this text, you probably got several messages and thought about a new product feature twice. You work hard, ideating, attending meetings, thinking about your next funding rounds, team building, and technology. The speed at which new ideas are born, developed, and shipped is unlike any other period, resulting in a cheerful optimism to define what’s next.

You’ve got a fantastic product, a happy audience and it all looks tempting. But at some point, you look back and realize that while having a unique “soul”, your product looks bad from the general visuals to the lack of identity. You most likely know or imagine the look of your dreams. Is it time to fulfill them?

for last 10 years we’ve helped

Ambitious startups

to launch a solid website in time and gain traction

Web3 innovators

to visually complement what they do and speed up the revolution

Industry leaders

to make design one of their competitive advantages and finally look as they should

to look better, grow faster, and unite with design

modern products

  • web3
  • edtech
  • fintech
  • saas

creating brand

  • brand story
  • visual identity
  • brand guidelines
  • design systems

and digital

  • websites
  • web/dapps
  • mobile apps
  • front-end dev

heartbeat — startup-size team of design pros

Dima Lepokhin
team and vision
Stan Yakusevich
creative director
Eugene Yakusevich
front-end lead
Artem Astakhov
digital polymath
Daniella Marynova
digital design lead
Daniel Sanzharov
implse design lead
Robert Vagin
vi designer lead
Valeriia Luzhanska
Andrew May
office manager
Kira Temirshina
Ngoc Viet Dang
ui/ux designer
Larysa Yaniohlo
ui/ux designer

Driven by shared values

We strive to try new things each day and move away from old delusions. We cultivate a growth mindset and know that if we can't do something, that's because we don't yet know how.

We work with highly productive and organized people who live in a world of deadlines, competitors running for them, and investors waiting for traction. We know that someone relies on us, and therefore we should be creative but stay accountable.

We are interested in big questions and tiny details as every detail counts, and every single interaction matters. Someone will use what we create, and we need to be sure we think about them, from a random message in Slack to a component-based design system we hand off.

We know that there's no one to blame but yourselves, so we think moving away from victim’s behaviour as professionals and human-beings is essential.

These are the same things we look for in our teammates and partners.

Odesa — the city where we all met 🇺🇦

Heartbeat was founded in 2011 by Dima Lepokhin and Stan Yakusevich. Most of us were born and raised in Odesa – a gorgeous, historically thrilling sea-side city located by the Black Sea.

Unfortunately starting from 24'th of February Russia attacked our country and our office street was blocked. It changed our regular way of doing things. Right now our team is distributed across the world with most of our members still residing in different parts of Ukraine.

Whenever there will be a chance, we would be happy to show you ways around town, but for now you can explore it yourself via Google Maps. Statistics say that people who live by the sea feel 40% happier and have better mental health than those who dwell inland.

Still looking for “like Stripe”, maybe “clean, modern, minimalistic design”? Let it go. Your way exists – let's find it.

It is time to escape the ordinary — let’s talk

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