Best practices to improve SaaS UI/UX design

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Effective UI/UX design is more important than ever. UI/UX designers must apply best practices, ensuring SaaS applications are not only functional but also user-friendly. Here are seven key strategies to enhance your SaaS UI/UX design

7 UI/UX Tips For SaaS Going into 2024:

Designing a SaaS business is not easy. It always feels like more should be done. However, we all know less is more. Let's see what's working in 2024 and how you can make a few simple touches.

1. Simplifying the user interface

Simplicity is at the heart of great SaaS UI/UX design. The aim is to make the user experience as straightforward as possible, maintaining essential features while avoiding unnecessary complexity. Clear buttons, intuitive gestures, and concise content all contribute to an engaging and user-friendly interface.

2. Design for all platforms and devices

Adaptability is key in SaaS design. Ensuring your application works seamlessly across various devices and platforms broadens its accessibility, allowing more users to benefit from its features regardless of their preferred technology.

3. Easy registration and onboarding

The user's journey starts with registration and onboarding. Simplifying these processes can significantly improve their initial experience with your platform. An efficient onboarding process not only educates but also familiarizes users with the application, enhancing their overall interaction.

4. Effective information architecture

A well-structured information architecture (IA) is crucial for SaaS applications. Good IA allows users to navigate effortlessly and find the necessary information quickly, contributing to a more satisfactory user experience.

Binance Information architectureSee how Binance easily displays important information with super simple navigations.

5. Providing an efficient search tool

Given the depth and breadth of features in SaaS applications, an efficient search tool is essential. This feature helps users quickly locate specific functions or information, reducing frustration and enhancing their interaction with the application.

6. Access to support

Accessibility to customer support is a defining aspect of successful SaaS products. Integrating easy access to help within the UI/UX design ensures users can get assistance promptly, improving their experience and satisfaction with the application.

7. Designing for user engagement

Finally, designing for engagement is vital. This involves understanding user behaviour and preferences to create an interface that is not only functional but also appealing and engaging. Focusing on user engagement leads to a more intuitive and satisfying experience, encouraging long-term use of the application.

By implementing these seven practices, UI/UX designers can significantly improve the usability and appeal of SaaS applications, ultimately leading to higher user satisfaction and the success of the platform.

Take a look at how heartbeat gave Tapcart a complete makeover - with some simple touchups.

Take a look at Tapcart's UI/UX makeover - using these best practices

heartbeat's recent collaboration with Tapcart has been a game-changer for the SaaS platform, primarily serving Shopify store owners. This project focused on elevating Tapcart's UI/UX, streamlining it for enhanced ease of use in the B2B sector.

heartbeat's collaboration with Tapcart has significantly transformed the SaaS platform, known for empowering Shopify store owners to launch branded mobile apps with higher conversion rates. This project aimed at revamping Tapcart's UI/UX to ensure a more intuitive and seamless experience for users in the B2B sector.

Streamlining Tapcart's UI/UX

The main goal was to simplify Tapcart's interface, making it more user-friendly for Shopify store owners. By focusing on the user experience, heartbeat aimed to reduce the learning curve associated with mobile app creation and management, enabling business owners to leverage Tapcart's full potential effortlessly. Discover more about our UI/UX design process at heartbeat's UX/UI design.

Visual identity & guidelines

Developing a cohesive visual identity was crucial for maintaining consistency across Tapcart's platform. heartbeat crafted a set of comprehensive guidelines that not only enhanced the platform's aesthetic appeal but also ensured a consistent brand experience across all user interactions. Learn about our approach to visual identity at heartbeat's visual identity guidelines.

UX/UI design & UI kit

heartbeat's approach to UX/UI design for Tapcart involved creating a UI kit that streamlined the design process for Tapcart's team. This kit includes a range of components and templates that can be easily customized, allowing for rapid iteration and deployment of new features and updates. See how we create UI kits at heartbeat's UI kit development.


Even in a digital-first project, the importance of stationary design was not overlooked. heartbeat designed a suite of stationery for Tapcart that aligns with its refreshed brand identity, ensuring a consistent brand experience both online and offline. View our stationery design work at heartbeat's stationary design.

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