UX design agency: Experiences that build a reputation

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heartbeat's UX design turns mundane into memorable. We create engaging, user-centric experiences that build a strong reputation. Shape your identity and connect with your ideal audience seamlessly.

Streamlining brand building with UX design

UX isn't just about looks; it's foundational for brand reputation. User-friendly and attractive UX designs boost customer satisfaction and elevate your market position.

Boosting conversions with UX

At heartbeat, our UX designs focus on enhancing business outcomes. Prioritizing practicality and ease of use can significantly uplift conversion rates, leading to increased revenue and profit.

Retaining users through UX

Our UX designs engage and retain users, key for long-term success and growth. Discover our strategy for user retention at heartbeat's process page.

UX case study: How we used UX design to improve Alkimiya's overall brand

  1. Making data easy to understand:

    • Challenge: Alkimiya needed to present complex financial data in a user-friendly way.

    • heartbeat's solution: We designed clear, easy-to-read dashboards. This made it simple for users to see important trends and make smart decisions without feeling overwhelmed.

  2. Helping users make better decisions:

    • Challenge: In the fast-paced world of DeFi trading, users often make quick, emotional decisions.

    • heartbeat's solution: We created a UX that guides users through a thoughtful decision-making process, reducing hasty choices and promoting data-driven decisions.

  3. Making the platform user-friendly:

    • Challenge: The platform needed to be accessible to both new and experienced traders.

    • heartbeat's solution: We developed an intuitive and welcoming UX, ensuring all users, regardless of their experience level, could easily navigate and utilize the platform's features.

Founders rely on uswhen stakesare high

When time is critical, you wake up to our updates on Slack. It’s the reassurance you need.

We never ask for a list of deliverables

Lists quickly become outdated. We set goals and iterate until we reach them, taking time to catch our breath before the next push.


Our push to perfection is the process

Innovation doesn’t come from repeating the same steps. Each project is a unique collaboration, and each founder is an individual. We’re craftsmen, not factories.

no b-team, only dream-team

  • top-tier visual designers, awwwards jury creative director.

  • worked together for 11+ years

  • our design system .pulse is listed among IBM, Atlassian, Adobe at "Awesome Design Systems"

  • the total investment amount of the companies we worked is around $1+ bn.

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